AFFINImeter ITC Windows

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Version 0.9.99
File Size 150MB
Last Updated May 2, 2019
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We always recommend you to use the latest version of the software available.

[IMPORTANT] Since 0.9.98, AFFINImeter ITC for Windows contains an online feature to only check for new versions of the software. If a new version is available and the software can access Internet to check it, it will notify you only at the start of the application.

Release notes for 0.9.99 (Update is recommended):

  • Fixed issue while displaying ITC fitting results with MSISC approach
  • The main menu has been reorganized for better usability
  • Fixed issue while trying to open data/projects file from a folder containing white spaces in its name.
  • Other minor fixes...

Release notes for 0.9.98:

  • Added an online check for new versions of the software. The application will notify you when a new version of the software is available for download.

Release notes for 0.9.97:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding more ITC files to the ones already loaded