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Binding characterization for drug development

Our services and our proprietary software allow us to support decision making in hit validation and lead optimization of drug candidates by Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

ITC is the Gold-standard for the thermodynamic characterization of molecular interactions. BUT there is much more information contained in the ITC experiment that ONLY can be extracted by AFFINImeter.

Our services helped our clients to solve problems like:

RANKING DRUG CANDIDATES: simultaneos analysis of binding kinetics and thermodynamics. Learn more

ELUCIDATION OF COMPLEX BINDING INTERACTION: performing global fitting analysis with tailored binding models. Learn more

BIOSIMILARITY: Comparing drug performance with comertial drugs trough biophysical technique can be enought for regulatory agencies to allow entrance in teh market, saving time and cost. Learn more


Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

  1. Provides same information than SPR = kinetics.
  2. Facilitates NOT ONLY analysis of simple interactions (1:1 models) but also complex interactions creating new tailored binding models in a friendly interface.
  3. Obtain the same KINETIC PARAMETERS OF INTERACTION (kon and koff)as SPR but in a label-free and in-solution measurement
  4. Create your own binding models to analyze COMPLEX MECHANISH OF INTERACTIONS as multisite Binding, cooperativity, dimerization induced by binding, competition assays, etc.

What people say about us:

  • We have also used the KinITC analysis to obtain kinetic data for several projects, often extracting valuable information from pre-existing datasets. Lastly, the on-line documentation is very clear and useful, and the staff of AFFINImeter have been very helpful to us and to our facility users.

    Tim Sharpe
    Ph.D. Biophysics Facility. Biozentrum. University of Basel
    Tim Sharpe
  • The advanced ITC data analysis offered by AFFINImeter enables applications of ITC to the studies of complex modes of interactions and the Global Fit of multiple related datasets facilitates model selection and increase reliability of the results.

    Natalia Markova
    Ph.D. Leader-Scientific Marketing Biosciences
    Natalia Markova

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