Basic ITC plan for 1 year

300 1.200 

Basic” plan includes:

  • kinITC tool to obtain kinetic information (kon and koff).
  • Individual fitting to common binding models.
  • Multi-temperature analysis (Van’t Hoff and Eyring plots).
  • Scientific support and unlimited technical support.
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The basic plan is recommended for beginners and experienced ITC users working with systems that follow common stoichiometric binding models. This plan comes with a list of predefined models ready to apply for data for analysis. Easier and faster than using a conventional software it also includes KinITC, a new method to obtain kinetic information from ITC data. With one single titration experiment, it calculates rate constants (kon and koff) and thermodynamic data (KA and ΔH) of 1:1 and 1:n interactions.

List of available stoichiometric models for this plan:

1. Stoichiometric models

2.Independent Sites Model 

Considers a receptor (in the cell) with “N” sets of “n” independent sites binding to a ligand (in the syringe) or to two competing ligands.

Local installation

By default, AFFINImeter is provided as a cloud software and local installations are available only upon request. AFFINImeter on the cloud offers many advantages like no need of software installation and right away access to your account and data analysis from any computer/tablet/smartphone connected to the internet. The option of a local installation is requested i.e. when researchers are not authorized by their institution to upload data to the internet.

Contact us to request a local installation.

Instruments supported

Microcal PEAQ-ITC

Microcal VP-ITC 1.4 mL

Microcal ITC-200 0.2 mL

TA Nano-ITC Low Volume 0.19 mL

TA Nano-ITC Standard 1 mL

Affinity ITC

TAM III – TA Instruments