This is a new method to obtain thermodynamic and kinetic information from Isothermal Titration Calorimetry developed by Prof. Philippe Dumas, Profesor at the University of Strasbourg and Scientific Advisor of AFFINImeter. While the classical processing of raw ITC data (peak integration) yields thermodynamic information (KA and ΔH), the analysis of the shape of each injection peak kinetic information (kon and koff).

In AFFINImeter we have implemented KinITC for TA and Microcal Calorimeters.


KinITC & AFFINImeter

KinITC is now fully available as a part of our software AFFINImeter.

AFFINImeter has implemented a simplified and yet very efficient version of KinITC that, with one single titration experiment, calculates the kinetic constants (kon and koff) and the thermodynamic data (KA and ΔH) of 1:1 binding interactions. The method makes use of the variation from injection to injection of the time needed to return to baseline. The resulting "Equilibration Time Curve" (ETC) yields readily koff while the analysis of the ITC isotherm yields KA. Ultimately, kon is obtained from KA and koff (kon=kA·koff).


  • Determines thermodynamic and kinetic data in a label-free environment.
  • Determines thermodynamic and kinetic data of interactions monitored in a solution-based environment.