Multitechnique analysis

Upload binding curves from the same titration, from different titrations or even from different spectroscopic techniques into the same fitting project to perform global analysis. Very advantageous for the analysis of binding data obtained from orthogonal approaches.

Access to complex binding models

A list of advanced stoichiometric binding models is available, so users can fit binding curves of complex interactions. These models are formed of one or two equilibria for the description of 1:1 and 1:n interactions, binding heterogeneity (competing ligands or competing receptors), two-site receptor or ligand, auto-association, auto-association plus binding and auto-association induced by binding. Besides, tailored binding models can be prepared with the tool “Model Builder”.

Global fitting

Upload several binding curves to the same fitting project and perform a global fitting using the same (or different) binding model for each curve; define global parameters “linked” across two or more curves or even relate parameters using mathematical equations. This tool is incredibly useful to assess data quality and reproducibility and indispensable for the robust analysis of complex interactions.


Simulate Isotherms

Find the best experimental condition to perform your experiments, even with complex interactions.

Check Local minima

Check how reliable your results are and detect over-parametrization of the analyses.

Get advantage of supercomputing

Our cloud version of the software uses supercomputing system to offer you a faster and more reliable analysis.

Obtain Scientific reports

Get all you data, figures, tables and tables ready for publications and presentations.