AFFINImeter Spectroscopy

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The “Advanced” plan includes:

  • Global fitting of binding isotherms.
  • Multitechnique global fitting of binding isotherms.
  • Analysis with a complex binding model.
  • Unlimited technical support.


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AFFINImeter spectroscopy allows to perform global fitting of several isotherms obtained at different experimental conditions, which describe common binding events. This includes:

  • Isotherms obtained from the same titration at different wavelengths (λ).
  • Isotherms obtained from different titrations.
  • Isotherms obtained from different techniques (Uv-vis, IR, Fluorescence, ITC, NMR, CD…).

Local installation

By default, AFFINImeter is provided as a cloud software and local installations are available only upon request. AFFINImeter on the cloud offers many advantages like no need of software installation and right away access to your account and data analysis from any computer/tablet/smartphone connected to the internet. The option of a local installation is requested i.e. when researchers are not authorized by their institution to upload data to the internet.

Contact us to request a local installation.

Techniques supported

AFFINImeter Spectroscopy is a software for the advanced analysis of isotherms obtained by spectroscopic techniques to calculate binding constants such us:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Uv-visible Spectroscopy (Uv-Vis)
  • Infrared Spectroscopy (IR)
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Circular dichroism (CD)
  • Fluorescence polarization (FP)

…among others

Advanced Team plan

The Advanced team plan is recommended for research groups/core facilities with many Spect users. This plan consists of a multi-user license comprising one administrator account and two or more* standard user accounts. The administrator (i.e. the head of the research team or core facility) can visualize and edit its own account and the other user accounts. All the accounts of the team plan contain the tools of the Advanced Plan.

*We provide custom-made advanced team plan,  the number of the standard user accounts can be variable.

Contact us to request more information.