1. Install Mnova

Go to Mestrelab web-page to download Mnova free trial*. Click on the button below to follow the instructions:

*To get AFFINImeter-NMR is important to download the license for Mnova Binding. Check section 4 E of the Mnova´s instructions: "Download your trial license files"

2. How to activate Licenses or Updates and Support Packages?

Click on the button below to check if you want to know what plugins are licensed. 

Check that you have licensed Mnova Binding plug-in.

3. Activation of AFFINImeter-NMR

Once Mnova 12 software and Mnova Binding plugin are installed and licensed it will necessary to activate AFFINImeter-NMR.

Click on File-->Advanced Plug-ins. Select AFFINImeter NMR plug-in and click on "install" and it will necessary to restart the application for the change to take effect.


Finally, click here to start using AFFINImeter-NMR