AFFINImeter for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A new functionality of Mnova software


AFFINImeter for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance allows the advanced analysis of binding isotherms from 2D NMR titrations to measure binding constants (KA). The binding isotherms are imported directly from the software Mnova and a series of advanced tools are available in AFFINImeter-NMR to get the most out of your NMR data including:

  • Global analysis of binding isotherms.
  • Use of binding models other than standard 1:1 interactions.
  • Advanced algorithms to guarantee convergence avoiding local minima, as well as to assess the parameter uncertainties, the goodness of fit and result reliability.

This functionality is included in the Mnova Binding plugin. To upload NMR binding isotherms into AFFINImeter-NMR, will be necessary to download first Mnova software together with Mnova binding plugin. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Mnova logo if you don´t have installed Mnova software.
  2. Click on AFFINImeter NMR logo if you have already installed Mnova binding.


If you want to change the theme click on "Edit"-->preferences-->themes-->modern.

When you click on Chemical shift perturbation (CSP) button and the button doesn´t react, try this:

Click on view-->tables--> center floating tables-->ok

If you still don´t know how to start using Mnova Binding. Contact us here.